Rotten Peaches …

I knew as soon as I woke up it was going to be one of those days, despite the fact I had gotten a wonderful nights sleep.  Ah, sleep … my favorite pastime. Sleep is extremely important to me seeing as how it is the ONLY time the wheels in my mind completely mostly quit turning. (Did I mention I love to sleep?)

I got up and, right away, my breathing was heavy. I could not stay focused for all the tea in China. Okay, medicine … right now … Lithium and I’ll also need a Lorazepam (for anxiety). I have two more meds to take, but first things first.

I sit down, let my medicine “kick in” and then it hits me!  An urge … no, more like an inner demand. I’ve GOT to go to the store, right now, right this minute. Grab a shower, running like a mad woman!

I’m dressed but I still do not feel good. I am totally agitated. I know I don’t need to be around people … unless it is someone who understands me. In fact, I usually don’t even like to get out … especially like THIS!! Here I go, driving like a headless chicken …


See, I live in Salisbury, N.C. Not exactly a bustling metropololis. I’m sure I’ll bump into someone I know … I hope not.

Park my car, get out, start to go into store.  I see a woman I know at the door. I speak to her and she promptly proceeds to brush me off. Ignore ME??? I don’t think so!  This is the third time this week she has done this to me!!! I am furious! Hot as a firecracker! If she thinks for one minute she is going look down her nose at me, she couldn’t be MORE mistaken!!

I go charging into the store, scream her name in the middle of this establishment that is at this time of day standing room only!  I let her know in NO uncertain terms that NOBODY brushes me off!!  She says, “Oh, I wasn’t running from you; I was coming in to get a  peach for you …” Yeah, right; a peach my foot!! Peaches aren’t even in season!

Many people overheard me. But nevermind them; I figured it needed had to be said.

And I was just the one to say it!


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