The Power of Prayer

Living with mental illness, I have been forced to live within certain boundaries: a (wonderful) medical team, powerful drugs I must take just in order to live a kind of normal life, knowing my limits and submitting to them, and so on.

My Bipolar has outlandish symptoms. My mind comes up with the wackiest stuff!! It’s WILD! Then, to make matters even worse, I can’t help but believe these bizarre ideas my brain says are right.

On a bad day, nobody can tell me anything … I cannot and will not have it.  Those days, I can only stay home, take medicine, and do no more than what I want to do. On a bad day, my brain is going to dictate all my actions.

So what do I do to get through? I pray. I ask God to not let me hit rock bottom. And guess what? He never has!

As my illness does what it decides to do, I struggle to do the very best I can … never letting go of God’s hand. Bipolar like mine can be and often is severely painful. I recently related to a dear friend that I “muddle through the bad days and celebrate the good ones!”

And I spend a lot of time praising God! Because as hard as life can be, even my worst days don’t compare to how hopeless I’d be without Him, even on my best. 

There are conflicting views out there on the efficacy of prayer on our mental and physical health. Well, you already know my opinion on that one! But what about you? Do you think prayer has a positive, negative, or neutral effect on health?

I’d love to hear from you …


8 thoughts on “The Power of Prayer

    1. Nancy Louise Babcock says:

      Love the kitty…will be praying daily for you…prayer moves mountains…God is so faithful…..Love in Jesus…from Nancy

  1. katherinehpurdy says:

    What a wonderful way to display dependence upon God day by day; moment by moment. The Lord is using this thorn in the flesh to honor Him. Thank you for sharing. So many people hide the pain. By sharing, we can pray for you and others who suffer as you do will have hope because of your blog.
    I love the kitty too!

  2. Celeste Vaughan says:

    I love your new blog Leann! Very creative and powerful…first, is that a professional photo you had made? And did you do the wordpress site yourself or have someone else do it? I can’t wait to see what more you have to share here! To my surprise, I have loved blogging! Hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Vonda Skelton once told me ,”your blog becomes your book.”

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