Here is the Church. Here is the Steeple …

You know what I just LOVE doing? Going to church! I mean it. All week long I can do my thing. Go to the grocery store, spend as much time at home—where I feel so safe and comfortable—as I’d like. But at church we are one big family of God! Wonderful!  And unlike every other day of the week, when I cry at church, they are tears of joy, love, and gratitude.

Church has ALWAYS been one of the few places I thrive. I am in my Father’s House. And protection. I feel real protection … from my own mind … from my bipolar disorder. The brain scrambling ceases, the voices in my head don’t have much to say.

I only hear the Word of God.

Oh how I need that by the time Sunday comes around!

During the week, nasty things occur I do some things that are not the real me. Trust me, it is not pretty! Thing is though, when I have had enough, I am DONE! Like BOOM! And if it is in my mind it will flow out my mouth! There’s really no telling what I might say or do.

And I don’t have ANY problem doing it. Well at least at that moment.

(If I’m gonna be totally honest with you, I’d have to admit I have even become aggressive at times …

SO … )

whenever I feel any sort of anger, if I am too agitated, I stay home. Alone, me and my Heavenly Father.

And I remember the verse I love so much:

Be still and know that I am God

And count the days till Sunday!

So what about you? What is it that makes going to church so special to you? Let me know; I’d love to hear from you!

Until next time …  J


6 thoughts on “Here is the Church. Here is the Steeple …

  1. Judy Perry Drewett says:

    What I love and think is special about going to church for me is worshiping with my family of God. A family that has no past together. A family that has nothing to prove. A family that laughs together, sings together, and cries together, whether for joy at what our Lord has done for us or in sorrow for what I have done to my Lord. A family that gives me a hug whether I want it or not (I always do) and lifts me up with encouraging words! A family that sings praises to the Lord and hears the words of God read so we can go home and live out our worship! I could never exist without my church and my Lord. That is why worshiping together is so important. We can pour our hearts out to each other and know that we will be filled with the mind of Christ to take out into the next week!
    God bless you, LeeAnn, and give you the power to help others with this thing called bi-polar. There are so many out there. They may not know what is wrong, but most of the time WE do! LOL!!

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