Tails, I’m Down …

Heads I’m up, tails I’m down is the subtitle of my blog. Such is my life as a woman with a severe case of Bipolar disorder.

Today: tails I’m down 😦

For no reason at all, I am not doing well today. I’ve experienced a major blowout of erratic mood swings. I started off running like a mad woman, could not focus on ANYTHING! So agitated. I was miserable.

Within two hours of that madness I’m crying. I am so sad. It is like going from a freezer to a sauna … the extremes are hard for me to endure.

I called my incredible husband … his first words: Have you taken your medicine? YES, yes, I have! And I still feel terrible … cannot go out … CAN’T do it!

Okay, Ken says in that sweet voice of his. Just go to the bank and, if you feel like it, go by and have the air checked in your tires. Okay, I say, less than thrilled.

Bank went fine (I know all the girls there … they are nice to me). Then Tire Kingdom. I’m pulling in. Told the mechanic to check the air. He did so quickly, thank goodness! Tires lost some air, Miss. They’re all a little low.

They’re not all that’s low today …

The divorce rate is exceptionally high for Bipolars like me. I was examined by a state psychiatrist last summer. She knew I was sick … real sick. She seemed to like me. I could tell. I’m good at reading people. She asked Ken, How have you done this? How have you made your marriage work? He popped back so quickly it would make your head swim …

Because I love her.

SO …

I may be a mess, but I am one lucky, lucky, girl!

Thank You God, for tending to me …


4 thoughts on “Tails, I’m Down …

  1. Melissa Rhyne says:

    Lee Ann, so sorry that today is not a good day!! Just remember how loved you are by so many people, for the person that you ARE!! Such a incredible, caring, giving, pretty, and awesome women &friend!! Lots of love being sent your way!! Ken is amazing, and such a sweet man which was totally shown yesterday while he was playing with my baby girl!!

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