I Am Not a Freak! I Am a Fighter …

I am so proud to know we may be letting others living with a mental illness believe that we are cool. That we are NOT freaks in a side show!

Ironically enough, most of us are intelligent! That’s right! Our brain cells wiggle and giggle like the next person’s. It’s just that we—or at least I—experience wild brain scrambling.

For the last few days, I’ve had a ton of chaos in my mind. Loud concerts otherwise known as a severe case of earworms. It’s kept me from posting to the blog.

Today in particular, Ken has had his hands full keeping my head above water. Bless his heart … Ken Jefferies is one in a million! God has so blessed me with him, my children (Kenny and Kristie), daughter-in-law (Melissa), and our precious GRANDS (Maddie and Justin).

I am so fortunate.

And thankful none of them are like me.

To anyone with a mental illness or their loved ones, I can honestly say I have been through the storms as you have. I have even endured electroconvulsive therapy (shock therapy) during its experimental stages.

There was a time that one of the most brilliant psychiatrist in the Southeast, Dr. Charles Herlihy, said that my future could go either way.

My mind could have gone either way.

My life—my entire survival—could have gone either way.

But God had another plan for me.

Yes, I am severely bipolar,


I am also a tremendously successful individual.

In 1994 I was blessed to call Dr. Herlihy with some of the best news of my life: at the age of 42, I had signed a contract with Ford Models! And I spent a successful 16 years with them, travelling the world.

I can still hear the pride in his voice when he laughed and said, “I  knew you could do it Sister Jefferies!”

Moments like that will remain near and dear to my heart for a lifetime.

My want is that anyone afflicted with mental illness will face their challenges one step at a time.

That’s what I do! All while holding tightly to the Hand of God …

and never letting go!

Keep the lines of communication with Him alive and kicking … Pray. Ask Him to lead, guide, and direct in the name of Jesus Christ.

God wants us to be successful, “though we walk through the valley …” He wants us to be the best we can be.

As difficult as life can be, I KNOW—I have learned—that following the bitter, will always come the sweet!


6 thoughts on “I Am Not a Freak! I Am a Fighter …

  1. Eva Marie Everson says:

    Sometimes at night, after a particularly long, eventful day, I have “ear worms.” I hear voices so loudly … music turned as high as the volume will go. I’m really dreaming … or starting to dream … but the sound is nearly deafening. Then, just as I’m about to drop blessedly into a “night at the movies,” I wake up. There is silence around me. From HIGH VOLUME to NONE AT ALL.

    It’s always an odd thing. Doesn’t happen every night (thank goodness!), but when it does, I think I must know how someone who is bipolar feels.

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH to {silence} in one second.

    I love you, LeeAnn!


  2. leeannjefferies says:

    Shelly, I am so glad you like my blog. I have a very severe bipolar disorder. My blogs are me … my struggles … challenges … victories. Let’s do talk whenever …
    Hugs right back! Lee Ann

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