Hurricane Season …

"Yes Ken, I have had my medicine"

It’s Sunday evening. As I write this blog, I must remember to give my readers authenticity. I must show ALL aspects of being bipolar.

That means writing even especially when I don’t feel like it.

My mind has gone through rapid changes in the last 24 hours. A good analogy would be the weather. Sunny, no storms one day; the following day filled with ’em … storms that bring darkness and destruction. Exactly what I am going through.

I started my day off like most Sunday’s … at church. And just as one checks the weather to know how to dress before leaving home, I KNEW an inner storm was approaching. By this, I am not referring to a mild time of being “out of sorts.”

My storm has a name; it is Bipolar.

I asked God to be with me; to come alive in my heart. I’m not saying He didn’t answer my prayer … not at all. His will may have been for me to write this blog. I firmly believe this is God’s way of extending comfort, acceptance, and companionship for others afflicted with mental illness.

Although I know this storm will pass (this too shall pass), at the moment things are messy and bleak.

I am nervous. (Yes Ken, I have had my medicine!)

My blog MUST be helpful to others. If I felt for one moment that I have experienced years and years of suffering and, in some cases, agony and not reached out to help those who suffer along with me, it would break my heart.

God is REAL in my heart. He is alive inside of me and His PRESENCE in my life gives me strength to survive.


I love you all,

Lee Ann


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