Holiday Hot Mess

December 26.

The day after Christmas is never easy.

I’m experiencing more than the usual anxiety … coupled with the desire to do … nothing … AT ALL!

Took a shower today, but that’s about it.

Just yesterday, the house was full of noise, laughter, love … I cherished every moment. Had no time to feel anxious or depressed. Naturally, I could not, cannot, and probably will not ever be able to focus my mind on any one thing.

Nevertheless, having Ken and my children all with me is such a blessing.

In the coming year I’ll be speaking with you through my blog. Sharing with you this thing in my heart that hurts.  I know I’ll be shunned at times … left out, avoided, because I am bipolar. Not by you, of course, but by some.

This is my one request: Please don’t ever treat those with a mental illness any different. Believe me when I say, we know it when you do. We can feel it and it hurts.

When it happens to me, my brain becomes chaotic; actions range from rage to tears.

The environment—whatever it may be—has a boatload to do with this

SO …

Let’s all treat one another the way God would have us to. Let’s don’t hurt others by leaving them out.

I can guarantee you one thing: God never leaves anyone out!

As I close, I want to tell Jessica Everson how much I appreciate and love her. Jess came to North Carolina not long ago; spent time with me and my entire family.

We fell in love with her.

Jess understands me and always does what is best for me. I’ve quickly grown to love and trust her.

I’ll let you in on a little secret: Her mom isn’t so bad either! 😉

Until next time …

Much love


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