The Jigsaw Puzzle of Life …

Each day since my last posting, I have said to myself, “Must blog, must blog.” Alas, that began over two weeks ago … and still no post.

The bald truth is that, lately, my mind hasn’t wanted to cooperate.

I have had a MASSIVE amount of brain scrambling. I am experiencing new, fabulous avenues but, at the same time, these wonderful opportunities to free myself of my mental illness carry a painful and harsh reality.

A reality that must be exposed.

Memories that have been buried deep in my brain are now finding their way to the forefront. It’s interesting … joy, peace, and anticipation mingling with pain, flashbacks, brain chaos, ear worms, depression …

It’s all here, right now.

My prayer is that one day this is all going to fit together like a beautiful puzzle. A puzzle filled with color, achievement, and even the darkest of days …

Then God’s light will shine through!

It’s already starting to happen! My puzzle was nowhere near the level of completion I’ve found today. Pieces were all over the table … just like my mind.

But God has begun to gently put my puzzle together. With His loving Hands, it’s beginning to look a little more like the picture on the box … God’s ultimate plan for my life!

Please pray for me as I venture down this exciting, yet agonizing path. I have faith and assurance that God has me set in the right direction.

God bless you all.

Until next time, much love …


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