Who Do You Think You Are???

My bipolar disorder came to me like a tornado. Fast and furious! For several years, it not only defined, but also dominated my life.

But did I allow that illness to keep me down?


One (sometimes) useful component of my personality is that if someone says “turn left,” I often take a sharp right instead.

I have no limitations to what I can or cannot do.

I don’t like the word no and I don’t back down to challenges.

Which is precisely why I knocked the socks off of my family in 1993 when my North-Carolina-based agent (that’s right! If you didn’t already know, I’m a professional model) flew me to New York to visit seven top modeling agencies.

So imagine everyone’s surprise when, after six agencies offered me a contract on the spot, I flat out refused even to entertain the idea of signing with any of them.

Thanks, but no thanks.

You see, I dreamt of one agency, and one agency alone, for years. And, no matter what anyone said, no matter how they warned me of the risk, I would not give up on that dream.  

Ford Models was and is the most powerful, elite modeling agency in the world. They operate internationally with their corporate offices in the Big Apple.

Now, let me make it clear: the chances of me being signed by Ford at age 42 were below minimal.

But I’m bipolar!

So what if Ford’s classic division (for models over 40) gets an average of 6,000 applicants a month … and accepts only one …

So what if people look at me like I’m crazy; that’s nothing new …

I would allow NOTHING to get in my way!

I walked into Ford Models like I owned the place!

I slung that door open!

When I think back on it, I could laugh my head off! Where did I get the nerve??? Where did I find such gumption?

(I bet my bipolar friends could tell you 😉 …)

But, just because I believed I couldn’t fail didn’t mean I really couldn’t


(wink, wink)

Until next time, much love …


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