The Saga Continues …

If you remember where we left off last time, I told the story of when I (in typical LeeAnn fashion) turned down 6 contract offers from top modeling agencies in New York City. I would only accept one. The one who told me to come back in 6 months.

And today we pick up where we left off! …

I am flying BACK to New York.

Only this time, it’s 100% for Ford.

Ah, Ford Models! How I dreamt of you. How I longed to see your name embossed on the cover of my polished leather portfolio.

The New Faces Director told me I was one of the most powerful looking women she had seen in a long time … just fly home, she said. Submit a new comp card in six months …


Within 6 months, I had new film submitted and YIPEE!! … HOT DIGGETY DOG!!

Time to learn my fate!

My appointment was at 11:50. I was to meet Patty Sicular, head of the classic division (Ford’s division for women over 40).

This was heaven on earth! Phones ringing ninety to nothing; bookers wearing headsets, sitting face to face on fancy computers; the rush of energy that enveloped me as soon as I opened the door.

I turned around and there it was …

The Wall!

The Wall was was covered from one side to the next with narrow shelves. The shelves were lined with comp cards placed side to side, with a border to hold each in place.


There I was, LeeAnn Jefferies, from Alabama, standing in front of the comp cards of some of the most famous models (and actresses) of all time.

I was walking in the footsteps of celebrities!

Patty found me waiting near The Wall. She greeted me with a big smile! Said she’d be ready in 7 minutes and 45 seconds. (Well, I never! This woman is fabulous!)

I walked to the ladies room … as if I hadn’t already seen enough: a coffee mug, left sitting on the bathroom counter.

Not just any coffee mug.

Eileen FORD‘s coffee mug!

That does it!!!  No more!! It was all just too much!

I had to get out of there …  Patty would be ready soon anyway and soon could not come quickly enough! This typically self-assured and assertive woman was about to lose her mind! And with it, all chances of ever being a Ford model!

Get it together, LeeAnn …

Before we took off for lunch, Patty told Janet (her assistant) to get a contract and bring it to her!!! In a manilla envelope!!! …

Well, we had a fabulous lunch.

Thanks in no small part to the fact that Patty offered me a contract over hazelnut cappuccinos!

After I was filled in on what was to follow, we strolled back to Ford …

Patty a Ford Department Head, and me …  a Ford Model!!! :O

I WAS ECSTATIC!!!! Beyond control.

My returning flight was scheduled for 5pm …

The the plane was just a formality. I was flying HIGH!!!

I cried on the way home. I cried, not from disappointment, but because God was taking me on a new adventure. This one would be full of happiness, a sense of achievement, and would be one of my life’s greatest accomplishments.

Finally, I could forget the hospitals, the shock treatments, the endless pain and suicide watches …

I would leave it all behind.

God was holding me in His lap. He knew it all. He let me see firsthand that my bipolar illness was not going to define my life! He was (and still is) in control!

Until next time and much love …

The Bipolar Experience – LeeAnn Jefferies


7 thoughts on “The Saga Continues …

  1. Eva Marie Everson says:


    Don’t you love those “Eileen Ford’s coffee cup in the bathroom” moments?

    I had one like that in NYC … I was in a studio bathroom with a woman who looked vaguely familiar but–more importantly–was wearing totally cool boots. I mentioned her boots. She answered back about her boots. We chatted back and forth about her boots, about shoes in general, actually.

    A producer walked in, and even SHE talked to the boot lady about her boots. We were all in agreement. Cooler boots were never before seen anywhere on the planet.

    Cool Boots walked out of the bathroom, leaving me at the vanity with the producer. I said, “She looks so familiar. Who is she?”

    “Carol King.”


    1. leeannjefferies says:

      No you didn’t!! Those infrequent moments add a little spice to life! So much fun!
      New York offered some memorable times.
      Carol King! Who would have expected that … but what I WOULD expect is for her to have the coolest boots on the planet!!

  2. Mary says:

    HA! I wouldn’t have been any the wiser for having the answer… I rarely watch television and don’t know many actors/actresses by sight. I bet it was refreshing for her to have a normal convo about boots. 🙂

    To the modeling thing: CONGRATS!! And best of luck and yes, God is indeed good. 🙂

    Rejoicing in the day,

  3. Christina says:

    I can only imagine the feeling that you must have been having all at the same time! Cant wait to keep reading! Love the pics BTW

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