Do You Believe in Miracles?

Me, on a rooftop in New York

I was finally a Ford model and my mentality was this: now that I’m a Ford Model, I’m gonna live the life of a Ford Model!

Hip, hip! Hooray!!

Praise God; I made it!

I have always felt He had this plan stuck in His back pocket all along.

Think about it. I’m talkin’, a mental illness so serious it baffled the most brilliant psychiatrist in the state of Alabama and brought along with it an array of symptoms that were dangerous … on a good day.

Months of hospitalizations, shock treatments (only for special cases like me), hundreds and hundreds of the strongest anti-psychotic mind-altering drugs the FDA would approve. My mind was so sick; no thoughts processing one moment; bizarre thoughts running loose the next … good grief!

But I could accept that life. I could understand it. It has been my life all my life …


No two worlds could be more BI-polar!

I don’t know how my mind was able to contain it all … much less accept it as reality.

I remember Patty saying so many times after the day she signed me at Ford: “Lee Ann, the minute I laid eyes on you, there you were … a Ford Model! You deserved it!”

Oh those words meant the world to me back then!

Still do …

And as much as I wanted my new life as a high-fashion globetrotter to be all about glamour and beauty and elite status access, it WOULD NOT BE ME without gobs of embarrassing, side-splitting, and more than a few revealing moments …

And I intend to share many of them with you!

Stay tuned to hear how the death of my Aunt Mary became the highlight of the evening for a five-star table full of New York movers and shakers!

That’s next time!

Until then …

God bless and much love!

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The Bipolar Experience – LeeAnn Jefferies


2 thoughts on “Do You Believe in Miracles?

  1. Christina says:

    I am a new follower and just wanted to tell you that your view is so refreshing. I love when I read something and feel like I just went on a short journey. I am really enjoying you so far and I will stay tuned!

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