Mail At Your Own Risk …

Shortly after I was signed with Ford, Patty set up a client dinner with some people in the industry. They needed to get to know me.

Patty did that all the time. Ford had a staggering entertainment budget.

Well, this was a big one.

I’d be the only model there.

It was all about me.

I had finally arrived … and I was beyond grateful …

Mother called just as I was putting in the last pearl ear bob I’d bought just for this night.

I answered …

And heard the news:

“WHAT? … WHAT?? … Aunt Mary got run over by the mailman??? … Aunt Mary’s … dead????”

What a bummer!

(You’re probably wondering right now if I’m serious … let me assure you, I am … I’ve never had to add a single morsel to the stories of my life … they’re a roller-coaster ride just as they are… a roller coaster, in more ways than one.)

I get myself together and, miraculously, arrive at the restaurant on time.

BEAUTIFUL restaurant.

Patty ordered every hors d’oeuvre on the menu …

Red and white wine …

Sparkling and flat h2o …

And I was in some MAJOR company …

Patty sat across from me.

“How was your day, LeeAnn?” Patty asked, then pushed a mouth full of salad  between her lips.

I knew she just wanted these New Yorkers to hear more of my thick Southern accent.

I was about to give them all more than they bargained for …

“Well, I talked to Mother just before I got here … Aunt Mary got run over by the mailman!!”

Apparently, Patty, whose mouth was still full, could not contain herself. Food flew from her mouth in every which direction. All over the classy restaurant’s classy table cloth … all over the classy hors d’oeuvres being shared by the classiest of clients.

Well, she laughed her head off. Then made me tell the whole story to her and those New York powerhouses.

“I don’t think that’s what was meant by “share the hors d’oeuvres” …

I remember one lady looked over to Patty and asked, “Where did you find her?”

“I hired her the minute I saw her.”

That much was true.

I guess what was sad news for me was the life of the dinner party …

Sweet Aunt Mary had made it on up to heaven …

and I’d made it though my first client dinner!

Until next time … much love

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The Bipolar Experience – LeeAnn Jefferies


10 thoughts on “Mail At Your Own Risk …

  1. Elaine Thompson says:

    Wonderful story He thankfully works all things together to the good for those that love Him…Thanks for making me laugh…:)

  2. Tina says:

    did the mailman really hit her?? was she at home?? I love the pic with the dog sipping out of the straw… of our dogs will steal your straw right out of your drink….keep the funny stories coming to read them.. :0)

  3. leeannjefferies says:

    Hey Girl! So glad this was from YOU!!!
    YES, Aunt Mary was run down by the mailman. She was waiting on her gas bill. In the country, Alabama ( remember, we had to have Mother taken there?) … dirt road … he usually had a little cart but this time a TRUCK!
    God Bless Aunt Mary!
    Do my best with bend over laughing but you know how it goes … let’s do lunch!

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