Oh, the Irony of God!

Eileen Ford, founder of Ford Models, arguably the most powerful woman in fashion.

Ford’s corporate office was located in New York City with agencies scattered throughout the world. Like other celebrity-filled buildings in the city, during my sixteen years as a Ford model the New York office was marked with only a small plaque at the side of a discreet front door.

It read simply, FORD.

Once inside, it was a whole ‘nother ballgame.

One thing you can count on, there are no models like Ford models. It was the way we were trained, the way we thought, the way we prepared ourselves.  It was absolute confidence.

Never arrogance.

The most famous names have made their way through Ford. Some were stars. (Stay tuned to TBE to read the hilarious and inspiring stories of me and the living legends I’ve met as a model.)

Others were stars-in-the-making.

And then there were the ones like me.

Simple and Southern LeeAnn Jefferies. Who, for some reason, God decided to bless with the sweetness of realizing my dreams.

How awesome is God to find a way to turn my illness into a story of hope. That even the most impossible, God can make possible.

But the key to it all was my belief that it would happen.

As a woman with Bipolar Disorder, when I latch onto an idea, I refuse to let go of it until it’s a reality.

Isn’t it ironic? God used my greatest shortcoming as the vehicle to award me my dreams. (In the upcoming blog installments I will share a little bit of the “how.”)

It was through my greatest challenge that I found victory!

Now I really mean it when I say, Thank you God for everything!

The Bipolar Experience – LeeAnn Jefferies


4 thoughts on “Oh, the Irony of God!

  1. leeannjefferies says:

    Thanks Carla! I’m very passionate where mental illness is concerned … especially the type that infiltrated my mind. Passion involving survival … Complete faith in God to trust there WAS a plan in all this suffering. Bless You!!

  2. Pat Dyer says:

    Thank you for being so open about this. There are far too many Christians who think that mental illness is “all in your head,” “there must be something wrong with your faith,” you’re being punished,”
    or some such nonsense. I’m signing up for your blog in support of your efforts. God bless.

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