Let Me Off This Bipolarcoaster

305804_172589996156609_171788062903469_346081_1078268174_n(1)Recently, our children and grands took off to Orlando to … you guessed it! Disney World! They love the colors, activities, unusual sites, and, of course, the ROLLER COASTERS!

My daughter Kristie, especially, is a roller coaster fanatic! She called me one morning while they were there: “MOM! I rode three roller coasters before 8:00 a.m.! Didn’t wanna get off! What a way to start the day, huh?”407661_10150558134107192_59453552191_8869245_342175352_n

I heard my daughter-in-law Melissa in the background: “Those things’ll get cha goin better than two cups of coffee!”

I sat for a moment and thought. Every day, at some time or another, my mind boards one, two, three, however many roller coasters. Tickets are free. Don’t even have to leave home to ride. One major difference, though: I can’t get mine to stop.

I know doctors do all they possibly can to help me but all the treatments are hinged on behavior. One common thread I have found amongst those of us with Bipolar Disorder: our head talks to us and it’s nearly impossible not to LISTEN! This has always been so harmful for me. I hear things. Bad things. I hear that my loved ones don’t love me … friends wish I would go away … danger looms …

The-Voices-in-My-Head-Hotel-California_9468-lAt times I feel I just can’t take this stuff any longer.

Still, as God carries out His ultimate plan, I am certain He made no mistakes on me. I’m a Southern woman born with the three D’s: Drive, Determination, and Desire. And with them I carry this insurmountable faith in my Heavenly Father every day of my life!


5 thoughts on “Let Me Off This Bipolarcoaster

  1. Eva Marie Everson says:

    Your words are so powerful, LeeAnn … and then you throw those pics in to make us laugh in spite of it all. That’s just like YOU! You know life is BITTERSWEET … and sometimes we need to laugh through our pain.

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