Facebook Friday: Flashback 4/26/2013

63448_447401148675569_1846488480_n 4/19: Brains of people who have bipolar disorder are different than the brains of people without the disorder. This image [shown left] demonstrates the fact that bipolar is a BRAIN DISORDER. Not a choice…..not a weakness….not a character flaw. A physiological brain disorder. (shared from Mental Health Community)

4/20: Bipolar laying low today … makes me a happy, happy, girl!

4/21: I am so happy to live where we do … to have made this change … to put my faith COMPLETLY in God … that is the only way I know to live … my Bipolar taught me that years ago … thankful … I am truly grateful to God!

4/22: I don’t LOVE taking my meds but I don’t know what I would do without them!! Was cooking supper … I felt all this anxiety building … hollered for Ken … I need your help … I feel horrible!! He got me medicine and I was feeling better within 15 minutes … WHEW! :0

4/23: Ken wanted to take me to dinner but NO … I did not feel like it!! I was worried to be honest … I thought deression was coming on. I cannot 163927_521459771251287_578562790_ndeal with that … it takes me down so hard. Ken just insisted I take a long bath with my bath salts. He brought me a glass of ginger ale and within an hour or so, I felt better … cooked us some butter beans, corn on the cob and a huge salad!! We’re sittin here watchin tv like two stuffed toads!! 🙂

4/24: Got my hair done today!! I had so much fun … Hudson E. Hudson and the blow dryers hang from the ceiling!!! I love it there … everyone is so nice to me!! 😀

4/25: I LOVE TO READ A GOOD BOOK!!! I am drawn into the story and the lives of the characters!!! It’s wonderful!! I wish I had a Kindle but I don’t … I turn pages!! I have some of the cutest bookmarks!! 😀 For me, A Bipolar, reading is an escape … a refuge … a blessing!


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