Facebook Friday: Flashback 5/3/2013

73356_444688442281372_935267292_n4-26-2013: For me, Bipolar has given me just the right attributes to achieve some wonderful goals …

4-27-2013: Got a new medicine … it’s function … help my mood swings get further apart!! You know what??? Supposed to work wiith my lithium … good for Bipolar I … that’s me!!! I feel a lot better!! YIPEE!! Ken says he can tell a big difference!! I take my medicine not only to help me but to help my family, friends … esp my wonderful husband!! ♥

4-28-2013: We are packed and ready to hit the road!!! YAY! 15219_575570855816966_1432225804_n

4-30-2013: Had to learn to laugh at me … I would go crazy if I didn’t … no pun intended, obviously!! 🙂

5-1-2013: Going home tomorrow … this has been amazing!!! I have been so happy…not the first bit of anxiety…did forget my meds the morning … Eva Marie and I were out shopping …she flipped that truck around, we came home I took my medicine and away we went!!! She is so smart plus Eva Marie has witnessed one of my “bad moments” … :/

263126_195997360548229_55403375_n5-2-2013: Happiness is so precious to a Bipolar … primarily because we or I don’t experience as many happy days as some people do. Since last Monday I have been with family, friends, a beautiful baby and I have been on Cloud 9!!! So much joy and love as we all gathered together!! Thank you to all the Everson’s, Ken and last but not least, our Heavenly Father! ♥


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