Silver Linings Playbook

slide_255982_1624325_freeI’m in the driver’s seat … God is my co-pilot … Bipolar rides in the trunk!

For the past two weeks, I’ve been in seclusion with that silly depression! Well, I finally shook it off and returned to the world of the living … God decided I’ve had enough pain from this nasty stuff to last me a lifetime …

I saw a movie over the weekend. My daughter insisted I watch it … A Bipolar guy, released from an institution, entered a dance contest and helped his dad win a bet with his dancing score. Oh sure, he had more than his share of ups and downs, tore his parents’ house up, drove his psychiatrist up the wall … it reminded me of when I signed my contract with The Ford Modeling Agency. The struggle through opposition of it all.

Now, if you don’t think it took guts, courage and, at times I think, stupidity to fly to New York from Salisbury, North Carolina, you are sadly mistaken.  Not only was I a human basketcase but I was setting myself up for a failure which could have put me over the edge.
BUT my Bipolar really took over … I got dressed that morning in a black pantsuit … dressed to the nines … perfect hair and makeup. Hailed a cab, told the driver the address. Swallowed hard when I saw that brass plate on the building that read The Ford Modeling Agency!

I said my final prayer … pushed the call button at the door and said, “This is Lee Ann Jefferies for Patty Sicular.”

“Come on up, Lee Ann. We are expecting you.”
Well, I pushed that elevator button … doors spread open … I marched out when the car stopped on my floor.430772_154577794658528_102938843155757_207851_755848488_n

Standing straight .. full of confidence … sparking blue eyes and a smile no plastic surgeon could wipe off!!

Patty looked at me … requested a contract in a manila envelope … and away we went!!!

Lunch: New York style. And before it was over, I WAS A FORD MODEL!
So what’s my point? It is that Bipolars live in their head … I take meds, I have limitations, but Bipolar Disorder doesn’t control me! More accurately, I don’t LET it. I don’t let it decide what I will be, where I will go, what I will do. Bipolar Disorder does not own my future. God does. The nasty illness may live in my brain but GOD lives in my heartnothing can supercede that!!

Get it?? Good. 🙂

Until next time … Lee Ann


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