Facebook Friday: Flashback 6/14/2013

971034_490956237642153_808608894_n6/7: Friends tell me to breathe deep … fresh air!!

6/8: Missy and I took a long walk …what was left of me crashed … Ken still parrots …Take your medicine, YES … lunch then the special part of my day … Justin and Kenny had gone out … seen a little girl making bracelets, she has a malignant brain tumor and makes bracelets for donations. Justin picked mine … purple, silver, beads with a beautiful purple cross!!! Loved it!!! This baby knows his BB!! I will treasure this forever …945935_536619133062373_603424413_n

6/9: As I have wrapped my head around my Bipolar Disorder, I have come to a conclusion … my goal is to be the best Bipolar I can be! Make sense?? This includes vocalizing my illness, continuation of my page, blogging … down the road … a book. Make the very best lemonade out of these lemons … most of all … Glorify God giving Him ALL the credit for my happiness!!

6/10: Going home today … this has been a wonderful long week-end of family time!! Yesterday we watched a movie Silver Linings Playbook … a story of a man with Bipolar Disorder. He never lost the illness but found a wife and did not let Bipolar steal his life!!! I loved it!!!

6/11: Told ya … locked Bipolar in the trunk!

582800_337861049665401_1366706337_n6/12: About 45 minutes ago Ken and I were having dinner … Maddie and her friend in her room eating. I was going so fast … one large bite after another … wasn’t enjoying my food. Knew something was wrong! Told Ken … help me NOW…got to this anxiety attack under control … I rush to bathroom get my anxiety med and my lithium and plop … big can of hair spray lands in toilet! Ken runs to help me … I swallow my meds, he covers me up and I try so hard to get this under control. These things are a nightmare. Never know when one will hit but if I am at home, it is so much better! Just hope it won’t last too long …

6/13: I would never want anyone to experience the type of bipolar I have … really … but i think it is so difficult for others to understand. I am so thankful for Ken, my family, the friends that do get me and most of all … I have the best friend in Jesus!! Prettiest name on earth!


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