Facebook Friday – Flashback June 21st

971455_663399327020412_547127136_n6/14/2013: For all of us who have Daddy’s in Heaven … well, they are in Paradise! 
6/15/2013: Was driving to Fresh Market … SLOWLY… looking for parking place … this lady walking next to my car just stops, throws her hand on her hip and stares and stares … well, I KNOW I’m losing it … she is parked close to me waits till I get out and SNAP … I lose it :-/ …    I can become so upset … makes me sick … 😦
6/17/2013: I had a bad case of melanoma a few  years back … when the surgeon removed the mole, there was a tumor behind it. 😦  I had to see an Onocologist…he stressed how lucky I was the cancer had not spread and stay out of the sun … son I do!!  ANOTHER example of God’s grace!!!  😀1016656_372769032845824_838994149_n
6/18/2013: I did some modeling in Scotland … I had a really good client Marks and Spencer in London.  We shot in a castle similar to this … 🙂 Caerlaverock castle, Scotland
6/19/2013: Patience, patience, patience … is an unlimited, necessary, characteristic when living with/caring for a Bipolar, Schizophrenic, Multiples, OCD’s, paranoia, social illness … can you even begin to wrap your arms around what my husband must do to help me every day??? …

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