Facebook Friday – Flashback June 28, 2013


Friday: BTW … day 2 on the Dr. Oz drink before we eat!! Don’t laugh … I think it’s working …

Saturday: I made nice salad for lunch…fresh tomatoes, sautéed asparagus tips in olive oil with cottage cheese… I’m talkin good!! Now to get those pesty ants off of my hummingbird feeder!!

Sunday: Being alone is not so healthy for me. When Ken worked, he was a workaholic … I was alone in a big home … no close neighbors … for at least 60 hours a week … more at Christmas. That was terrible for me. Now, I just adore our home … we’re going to have a 563791_452653241465081_803327005_nlive tree this year for Christmas and my best friend is close by!!

Tuesday:I love and live for moments when things make sense … when 2 apples and 2 apples are 4 apples … not nine bananas. I want to hold on to peace, calm, ability to focus … just feel normal. No confusion, anxiety, paranoia, obsessive, repetitive behavior … just serene … for me that is complete happiness … priceless …

1002800_471361809621785_1504237668_nWednesday: Felt wonderful today!! My mind was clear… No anxiety … No OCD … Just calm and peaceful. I never take these blessings for granted. God put my Bipolar to rest today! I thank Him for taking care of me.

Wednesday: Something is weighing n my heart. U all know I love Billy Graham, right?? For the second time, I have soaked in his autobiography. Billy taught me so much about prayer. He spent hours upon hours on his knees pouring out his heart to God. Many times his team joined him The point is he trusted and depended on God for everything. Even as far as wandering into the forest to seek help from our Father…. Much like Jesus in the 1052304_482450971835451_1526875797_oGarden of Gethsemane. I don’t do that.. I pray every day but I don’t depend on God. Not totally. I feel He needs me…. Well, HE DOESN’T …. I am the needy one and He is my Dad!!!! More knee mail 4 me and then leave it with God!!

Wednesday:Summertime is the BEST!! Maddie and I laying in bed … each on computers … nachos between us … chocolate milk …remote control and it’s 1:13am!!!!


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