One For the Books

426880_10150565695342192_59453552191_8891664_423422790_nSunday started on a bad note … a good cup of coffee wasn’t gonna fix it. Felt just terrible. No way I could make church. Just no way.

Ken got my medicine … I took it.

In no time at all, I was sound asleep.

I sleep when my Bipolar is all over the place. Hoping my mind will weather the storm … Wishing the world will look different when I wake up.425103_10150576676703293_824448292_9213979_1804717029_n

No such luck today.

Mid-afternoon, I experienced a complete meltdown. Ken wanted to call Dr. Barrier but I said NO!

Tried to rest a little … then we had a nice supper. Thank goodness I finally settled down. Watched television, then we took the dogs out.

After that, bedtime …
Ken was beat. You’d think I would have been too but oh no!!

Took more meds around 11:00pm

New Math Funny Equations of LifeNow I am WIRED!!!


Five a.m. rolls around … I’m still up.

Go to the bathroom … look down and the strings off my gown are floating in the toilet!


I had really had it!!!

I woke Ken up … he said I could have more meds …

Okay …

Go to the freezer, get some ice for my water … head to bed.

By 6am, I’m asleep … finally.comics-insomnia-Dark-Side-of-the-Horse-dream-672128

Eleven a.m., I hear Ken in the kitchen … God love ‘em …

I go in behind him. What did we find? The freezer door standing wide open!  Everything is ruined!!

Bless Ken’s heart … I suppose he didn’t want to tip my apple cart … He sent me stumbling back to bed. And handled emptying the now warm water, Maddie’s pops, everything!

Two days later, I felt closer to normal.

These episodes leave me feeling limp. I know God  knew I could handle it … I also know He realized my story would  be told … that I’ll do anything I can to help others and break the stigma right in two!

He’s got that right!

Until next time …


11 thoughts on “One For the Books

  1. evamarieeverson says:

    If I only came here for the pictures, it would be enough! But then I get the words, LeeAnn. YOUR words. I cannot imagine living day to day as you live. But so many others out there know exactly how you feel! What you go through. And they have no voice. You give them voice. You take away the stigma of Bipolar Disorder. Thank you!

  2. Christina says:

    What a great hubby you have!! I am so grateful for you sharing your life with us. If it weren’t for your blog I would really not know the struggles that those living with Bi-polar suffer. Thank you Leann for the insight. You ROCK!

  3. Linda Marie Finn says:

    Your awesome… you give me the other side of things… Since Mark is bipolar and I am ” Normal “… what is normal anyways….Pray for him, he is in hospital and finally on some meds, feeling better and talking about coming home. Pray that they let him soon ok… I love you… I guess cause I can vent with you and you can relate to whatever I am saying, even if I get frustrated and angry at times with life… Hugs, Linda

      1. Linda Marie Finn says:

        I feel bad what he has to be there… Least he took himself since he was staying with his brother. He knows to call me and though he says he doesn’t understand why I love him and have such deep feelings for him, I told him just trust it and believe it, like you trust and believe God. Everything will work out ok. I am trusting God for all this Sis. Boy if I could get him to take meds or some Valerian when he is spazzing out, He might be ok, but he fights it so much and ends up with nothing here to help him… Its hard to live stress free when 3 children want to try you at every turn… Its not like were young either. Mark is 52 and I am 49… kids are 10, 9 and 5. We homeschool and they are with us all the time unless at my parents for an overnight. We did well to go out once a week together and have alone couple time. We would do lunch, laugh and be ourselves… Love you Sis… Ken is a wonderful man and you say I am special, you pray Mark sees it that way all the time ok… cause he needs to see good in everything and not bad constantly. The world is evil and we surely are in the last days, but don’t let anything get you down. think on whatsoever in Philppians 4:8. Hugs, Linda

        I had to laugh when you were saying you were up all night… I am often awakened by Mark awake and then he is chatting and I stay up with him… then we are both beat the next day….lol

        I do get up with him normally at 5 to 7 am so we have time alone without kids gabbing all the time…

  4. Kc Hutter says:

    Love your new site and it will keep you busy and I pray that all your medicines work like they have been and last but not least….I thank God for Ken.

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