On Medicine …

hE3EAE06FIt’s ridiculous for us with mental illness … we feel better and forget our meds.

I’ve managed  to coast along for brief periods of time but before long I crash and burn, every single time.

Some of us just won’t take any medicine that is mind altering … any form of  tranquilizer … Lithium (which is my main drug) … antipsychotic medication … meds to take the edge off of OCDs … anti-depressants …

There were times I took the strongest psychiatric drugs that were available at the time—Thorazine and Stelazine—both anti-psychotic meds … along with a strong tranquilizer.  I’ve been hospitalized countless times to regulate my medicine.

After all that, I’d get home and forget to take the stuff!!

A Bipolar I or II without medication?? i_have_cdo_ocd_trollcat

It ain’t pretty.

Since the day I was diagnosed with Bipolar I,  I have NEVER, NEVER had any doctor take me off of my meds.

And I don’t take just one, either! Right now I take four.

Does this mean I like taking  my meds? Well, let’s see … lithium and Lamictol tend to make me gain weight. Fluoxetine  is for my OCD and can make me feel drowsy … Lorazepam  is for anxiety and takes me down … QUICKLY.

road-rageNow if I don’t take my medication, I have no focus … productivity is out of the question … I get soooooo frustrated!!

Get this: no OCD meds and I am convinced I am dying … tumors everywhere. Try living with that!  Not to mention trying to keep my mind on an even keel without any buffer.

One thing I’m sure of: I would be in the hospital in no time without them.

For that reason alone, I’ve found a doctor I trust and I do what he tells me.

I know so many Bipolars who simply will not go to the doctor or take medicine.  They just do not want to relent … they have too much pride … they’re in denial … whatever their reason, they won’t take their pills!!

But they need to realize what they are jeopardizing!

voices_in_my_head_by_leirummanhattan-d49upgtThere is a very high divorce rate for Bipolars. Think about it: a diseased mind … thoughts going crazy, too many of them not nice … profanity … violence … spending money like it’s water.

I have voices in my head BUT, like I said, my medicine helps me control the horrible illness in my brain.

A lot of patients and their families just don’t understand: just as without antibiotics, an infection can travel rampant through the body—even leading to death—without proper medication, their mind could become so wild, so dangerous, it could lead to their demise.

Life is so much easier with my medicine. Nothing will take my symptoms away … I have had many “close calls” … BUT when I take my medicine regularly, my symptoms are manageable and I can live a happier life.

The edge is taken off.

I tell Bipolars ALL the time: go to the doctor, take your medicine. Do it for yourself. Do it for your loved ones! I treat my meds like an American Express card—I never leave home without them! Take ‘em everywhere I go!

I will do anything within my power to live a happy, productive life … one that God will be proud of me for.

For He knows the daily battle I face.


9 thoughts on “On Medicine …

  1. Deb Haggerty says:

    Great blog, Leeann! I was once advised to take a drug for my depression and I fought it – my doctor said – hey, you take vitamins and bills to make your body feel better – do this to make your brain feel better. That finally got through to me. You’re absolutely correct – don’t leave home without them! 🙂

  2. Deb Haggerty says:

    True – and too often the Christian community sees something wrong with medication for mental illnesses – how wrong they are!

  3. Eva Marie Everson says:

    I’ve never understood this. We have a headache, we take an aspirin. We have a stomach ache, we take Pepto. We have diabetes, we think nothing of a shot of insulin every day. We have cancer and we think nothing of shooting our bodies slap full of chemo or radiation. But when our BRAIN needs a pill, we make out like there is something so awfully wrong with that. The brain is an organ. It’s part of the body. Like the liver. Or the stomach. Or the heart. My husband has heart stents. He lays out his pills every morning and every night and neither of us feel any stigma to that. But if a personal with mental health issues needs a pill, we make out like Satan has taken root. Sure, sin brought sickness into the world, but mental health is not different from any other illness. Right now I have a mean ole headache and so what did I do? I took Aleve. Anything wrong with that? I pray that as time goes on, and as the light exposes the darkness, we will see as a society that when someone with Bipolar I or II (or any other mental health related issue) needs a pill, we are not to tell them to pray harder or to cast out the devil in Jesus’ name and forget what doctors say. TAKE A PILL!!! Then, if WE stop the stigma, maybe those who have been diagnosed can take their meds in peace.

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