Hand Shakes, Fist Bumps, and OCDs

Last week, Ken and I saw Howie Mandel on the Tonight Show. I have the utmost respect for that man. He lives with a crippling Obsessive Compulsive Disorder …

Germs …

They leave him with a paralyzing fear. Instead of shaking hands, he met each extended offer with a fist bump. He can’t tie his shoes so they all have to be slip ons. Howie Mandel is petrified of germs.

Breaks my heart.

He was the first guest on the Tonight Show the night Ken and I saw him. He talked incessantly.

Then guest number two came out …

A (cocky) model, wouldn’t ya know.

The banter typical of the late-night show continued … Howie made a remark “Model Girl” didn’t like …

What does she do??? She waves her hand out toward him as if she’s going to touch him. You could see the fear on his face!

I could have gone through the screen to get my hands on her …

I’m NOT afraid of germs!!373982_310892822268133_121636454527105_1131608_1208082643_n

This is my point … EDUCATION!

This woman has no clue the fear she was put Howie under …

But I sure did!

My OCD has landed me in the hospital several times.  I just KNEW I had tumors … everywhere.

Then I actually found tumors.

Made a mess out of my body … OCD.

Bottom line, don’t mess with anyone with a sick mind.

Yes, I am different … no doubt. There are times I can leave home and times I cannot. Times I want to talk, times I’m silent. Times my brain is so scrambled there’s nothing to do but cry …

Then the storm passes.

A rainbow appears and out comes the sun.

For how long? Who knows.
Mental patients love to be accepted.

71095_125361927520248_3055818_nMental patients love friends!

Mental patients love to be LOVED!


Just the basics … education is key.

When you make it your business to grab this mental illness thing and run with it, YOU WILL BE THE WINNER by putting a big ole smile on God’s face!

And thank you for your decision. To understand. To be a friend. To love.

Until next time …


5 thoughts on “Hand Shakes, Fist Bumps, and OCDs

  1. FleaByte says:

    It’s hard sometimes to just be a friend, but it’s so worth it. 🙂 I don’t mean to you. You’re easy. 😉 I don’t mean you’re easy – oh, everything is just coming out wrong today!

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