Mothers Are for Caring

1357081567_5524_ShameAmanda Bynes … most of us know that name … a young (troubled) celebrity.  What you may or may not realize is this young lady is mentally ill …

Very sick.

Her symptoms first hit the public scene last year when she drove her car with a suspended license and under the influence.

But wait. It gets more serious.

Soon after, an employee at her Manhattan apartment called police alleging Amanda was smoking marijuana in the lobby. When police arrived, she apparently thew a marijuana bong out the window of her 36th floor window.

Again, she was apprehended.

Next we learn she was experiencing delusional thoughts of paranoia … she just knew smoke detectors and other devices in the dashboard of her car were watching her.

Then, last month, Amanda set a fire in an elderly neighbor’s driveway. Soon after, she can be seen on a surveillance camera, frantically running into a nearby liquor store with her gasoline soaked Pomeranian and heading straight for the employee area to rinse off the poor pooch. Experts say this shows signs of schizophrenia. stock-photo-schizophrenia-symbol-isolated-on-white-background-mental-disorder-concept-107239559

As a result of this incident, she was involuntarily committed to a hospital where she must receive extensive treatment.

All this leads me to my focus: Amanda’s mother, Lynn Bynes.

Mrs. Bynes requested she be allowed to make all legal as well as medical decisions for her daughter at this time. She asserts that her daughter is simply not capable.

After an investigation and medical report, the judge in Ventura County arrived at the same conclusion and granted Lynn Bynes a temporary conservatorship and control over the Amanda’s multimillion dollar estate.

Lynn Bynes has a lot on her plate. As is often true with young mentally-ill patients, their parents need control of the decision making … for reasons that have been made clear by Amanda Bynes recent string of misbehavior.

No one—and I do mean NO ONE—can or will take care of a child the way their parents can. In our design, God has ensured this.
One more thing: Amanda Bynes is very likely schizophrenic … Schizophrenia is a serious mental illness … But it is treatable. However, it may take years for her doctors to find the right cocktail of drugs.

hopeBut she MUST take her meds!

Because what do you think happens to mentally-ill young people (often living on the streets as a result of their illness) with no medication … no treatment … no hospital … and, more importantly, no parents?

I’ll tell you what happens! They crash and burn!

And their chances of survival on the streets are next to none.  Drugs, weapons, gangs, violence, and in some tragic cases, death.

I know this story. In parts, it was my story.

I was just that sick … I had to have someone make decisions for me. If I hadn’t, I would be in heaven right now.

Of that, I’m certain.

When a child is mentally ill, who is responsible for them? Their MOTHER (or father), that’s who!!!
If you know anyone in this situation, please heed my comments … they come from experience and an unshakable faith in God …

Until next time …

Lee Ann


4 thoughts on “Mothers Are for Caring

  1. Gayle Mills says:

    This situation is so sad. Thanks to our 24/7 news cycle, we can all watch young adults like Amanda self-destruct. I’m praying that this beautiful, talented girl gets the help she needs to become whole again.

  2. leeannjefferies says:

    I completely agree with you, Gayle. Mental Illness can be horrific and that is bad enough. The patient MUST receive help one way or the other and who better that the mother??? Thank you!

  3. Raine says:

    I want so desperately to get help for my son, but because he is an adult (22) and has yet to do anything illegal, I have been told repeatedly that my hands are tied. I see him slowly self destructing, but can’t do anything but love him and pray for him until he hits bottom.

    1. leeannjefferies says:

      Raine, that is the most frustrating situation. I would seek legal advice. Mentally Ill patients just are not capable of making wise, medical decisions for their well being but something must be done. I will pray for you and pls keep me posted.

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