My Greatest Hope

What I am about to say is going to make you think I’ve lost (what’s left of) my mind, but here it is: I want to talk about the positive side of being Bipolar.

When I was first in New York years ago, interviewing with the most powerful modeling agency in the world, it was my sick special mind that made me believe I had the world by a string.

No limitations, no restrictions, just ME!! Lee Ann Jefferies.

I slung the door open like I owned the F in Ford!

Remember now, as a Bipolar, my mind is in charge. It was the same then; I was totally convinced I could do anything! Out of the Psych Unit and standing in the fashion capital of the world, looking my dreams square in the face.

When I received my contract with Ford, my life changed … completely. I was in the air more than on land, and with so many things to do: had to get a passport—quickly!—and leave the country.

I was living the life and savoring every single moment of it.

But, the whole time, on each and every go see and through every booking, I was hiding my dark secret.

Years later, with no more control left, I was forced to disclose the truth.

With my symptoms in full swing, I had to go home.

This brings me to the present. Look at my life today; it is an open book. My great revelation is now common knowledge. I have dreamsbeen able to tear my own stigma to pieces … gone … there is no room for it in my life.

And now, I manage my illness, it does NOT manage me!

My various online “outlets” (from this blog to my Facebook page and every group I’m a part of) is nothing but me … this chapter in my life is mine … I’m daily overcoming mental illness and I own the rights to the story. Yeah, sure, I still have symptoms. At times, they even get ugly. But, you know what? Now, I get ugly right back!

Too, too many, wonderful people have lost their hope to this monstrous creature … lost their lives to suicide. I am bound and determined to do all I can to eradicate some of these final chapters before they can be written.

To turn tragedies into messages of hope.

And, even after flying across the globe, shooting at some of the grandest locations, this, right now, is my all-time favorite chapter.

mental-illness-not-contagiousJust like before, I will not stop until I’ve seen my dreams fulfilled: to help as many fighting the illness as I can, to let them know they’re not alone. To be their voice when they’re afraid to speak. To give them back a hope. To help their loved ones understand a little bit better. To do whatever I can.

Won’t you join me? We’re not alone, you know. There’s one more partner we have … our omnipotent Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, the Son of God!

We cannot and will not succumb to this madness …


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