A diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder does not have to be the end of the world. It’s only the beginning. But the silence and the stigma must stop … now! 

If you have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder or you love someone who has, you don’t want to miss this remarkable journey that takes LeeAnn from the pits of despair to the heights of achieving her wildest dreams. More importantly, this is the story of everyone who has experienced the depths of depression and the heights of mania. This isn’t just LeeAnn’s story … this is our story

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The Bipolar Experience is a well-written, captivating, enlightening story of what it is 
like to navigate life in a bipolar body. If I had a book like this, it would have helped 
me understand what my first husband battled. Instead, being religious but not yet born
again, I coldly divorced Tom, telling him to ahead and commit suicide, believing I 
could bluff him out of it. But at 32, my gifted husband hung himself.

 What also increases the value of The Bipolar Experience is that LeeAnn Jefferies' story
is not only her story, it's a story of what it is like for a husband to love his wife as Jesus
loves His bride the church, and lays down His life for her. It's a story we all need to 
read so we can be touched with the feeling of others' infirmities.

Kay Arthur
Co-Founder Precept Ministries International
Author of numerous books including As Silver Refined;
Learning to Embrace Life’s Disappointments

Whether you already know more than you ever wanted to about bipolar disorder or are
just interested, this book is for you. LeeAnn Jefferies (with Eva Marie Everson) takes 
you there up close and personal. Fast-moving, yet thoroughly detailed and sensitive, 
you won't forget these emotions, struggles, and victories.

Marion Bond West
Author and Guidepost Contribution Editor 

The books that matter most to me are those that tell someone's story of personal 
struggles and do so with clarity and honesty and hope and warmth and joy. This is 
one of those books and I am happy it has found a place in the world. 

Robert Benson
Author of Punching Holes in the Dark

LeeAnn Jefferies and Eva Marie Everson were destined to meet. The combined 
experiences and efforts of this collaborative team has produced a gem of a book, which
proves to be very relevant and inspiring for people whose lives are affected by bipolar 
disorder. LeeAnn's message of honesty, perseverance, and hope, as well as the ending 
of shame and stigma related to medical brain disorders, is sorely needed in our culture.
As a licensed mental health counselor who has worked with many clients and their 
families in their journey to manage this medical illness and its effect, I can say that I 
will be recommending this book as an added support in their journey. 

 Angie Moates, MA, LMHC

Click here to purchase The Bipolar Experience on Amazon.