I live twenty-four hours of each day with mental illness.

My life.

A bipolar experience.

Like a roller coaster magnified by a thousand and then some. The only predictable thing … unpredictability.

My case is severe.

Yet, somehow, I have led a full and successful life.

As you follow me, my hope is that you will find my lifemy mindfascinating. I want you to feel my struggles, debilitating. My highs, freewheeling. Experience my limitations, my strengths, and all the symptoms that jump from the woodwork.

I’ll share so that you can understand.

Or feel understood.

Together, we must erase the stigma that surrounds mental illness. I want to bring families closer and let my fellow experiencers know you can achieve success. The kind of success you thought was only for “normal” minds.

Come share my world.

See what it’s all about. Join me and one whopping bipolar disorder.

I’ll share it all with you.

So thanks for coming along.

I’m looking forward to this.